Few Basic Solutions

Finding a lost cat: advice

Please note that the tips presented below are not a guarantee to find your cat, but they can prove useful. Know that perseverance and patience come together in this approach. It’s not unusual to find lost cats after several weeks.

Step 1 : report the disappearance to the local SPCA or SPA, various shelters in your city and any company involved near or far with animals (veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, groomers, etc.). In addition to a poster containing all the relevant information about your cat as well as your contact information, don’t forget to mention the date and place where the cat was last seen.

French friends, contact the pound and the I-CAD.

Step 2 : notify your neighbourhood of the disappearance. In order to do this, put up a poster with a recent colour picture of your cat, which should ideally show the cat in full. Get a large size print of the photo and put in as many details as possible to allow for easy identification: colour, size, microchip, special physical feature, nickname it responds to, etc. Make sure to include the phone number(s) people can reach you at at any time.

You can also place the ad in newspapers, classifieds and social networks.

Step 3 : for the first 24 hours, look around the house. If the cat isn’t used to going outside, it will surely be hiding nearby. Look under balconies and porches, in bushes, under and in sheds, staircases, vehicles, etc. During the searching rounds, bring treats to attract the cat. These can be fish, chicken, or any other treat Kitty likes a lot.

Ideally, search around very early in the morning or late at night, when outdoor activity is reduced.

Use a high-pitch, playful tone of voice while calling the cat. Move slowly to allow the cat to locate you. Wait patiently and keep your eyes peeled for any movement or noise.

Only call the cat when walking towards the house or the place it has escaped in order not to chase it away.

Step 4 : during the night, leave a bowl of food, water and a box outside, lined with a blanket the cat used inside the house.

And do not lose hope.

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