Terms and conditions

CAT EDUCATOR INC. d​oes not make any medical diagnosis or recommendation as to the current or potential medical treatment of your pet. A behavioral problem can be related to the health of your pet. Hence, CAT EDUCATOR INC. recommends that you see a veterinarian to eliminate any medical cause that could be related to the problematic behavior should the problem lingers.


CAT EDUCATOR INC. b​ases ​its consultations on the facts and impressions creating the animal’s behavior problem (s) reported by the person (s) calling for its services.


CAT EDUCATOR INC. provides advice on alternatives that can influence the resolution of the animal’s behavior problems to the best of its knowledge and experiences a​t the time of the consultation. However, these knowledge and experiences evolve according to the training received as the evolution of science in this field.


Animals can sometimes be unpredictable in their reactions. CAT EDUCATOR INC. thus cannot always anticipate and be held responsible for these unpredictable reactions.


The consultants of CAT EDUCATOR INC. act on behalf of CAT EDUCATOR INC. and their responsibility is limited in that respect.

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